Customer ratings for Harry's Horse lunging Aid -Pony Size

Harry's Horse lunging Aid -Pony Size
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Harry's Horse lunging Aid
Rope Lunge Training Aid, also known as a German String.
Available from Griffin's Equestrian.

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Number of ratings: 55
Average rating: 4.9
from Matthew on 30/11/2020
Very nicely made and horse goes well in it. Correctly sized.
Excellent service & easy effective product
from Jules on 19/10/2018
It’s an easy to fit lunging aid, brings my horse into a lovely outline, it’s not harsh or restrictive, I’m retraining an ex racer & this is perfect to assist that
Brilliant service Brilliant product
from Clare oneill on 17/10/2018
I've never used anything like this as she spooks. This was amazing. Simple to use. And comfortable for her.
Brilliant service Brilliant product
from Clare oneill on 17/10/2018
I've never used anything like this as she spooks. This was amazing.
Fantastically simple and effective
from Hilary on 16/10/2018
A very simple, effective lunging aid, which I am using with both my horses on a regular basis. Having used a Psoa (which one of my horses repeatedly bucked with), this is definitely my lunge equipment of choice!
Love it!
from Tamara King on 11/10/2018
I like the material, it’s soft but strong, easy to use and very effective.
from Harriette on 09/10/2018
I've used the lunging on my 12.2hh pony and it is really easy to use and adjust to gradually introduce it to her. She stretches nicely across her back using it. I just do short spells, no longer than 20 mins on the lunging aid, just so she builds the muscle without any discomfort
from Hannah on 30/09/2018
I order the training aid, it was delivered very quickly. I tried it out on my young horse who finds lunging hard. Must say worked very well and very kind to the horse.
from Anonymous on 30/09/2018
The whole experience from ordering to receiving the product has been amazing. The delivery was quick and had the product within a couple of days..
Started using the lunging aid and my horse worked beautifully. Would highly recommend it
from Angela on 30/09/2018
Got for my pony works so much better in this than other training aids
Highly recommend this company as well lovely to deal with and very quick delivery thank you very much
from Horse Lady on 12/09/2018
My horse is working much better over the back, swinging through more freely with his legs, and using his body properly on the lunge thanks to this German String!
Quite simply brilliant
from Hayley on 11/07/2018
Not only have I received a 5 star service from Griffins Equestrian, but also this product has been a highly valuable tool. It's gentle, easy to use and produces great results. Probably best used little and often in my view but nonetheless highly recommended!
from Anonymous on 02/06/2018
Using this on our 16.3 ID mare and it’s really helping her stretch down. Simple design, easy to use and it works!
from Anonymous on 04/05/2018
Extremely easy lunging aid that encourages the horse to work over his back with out fixing him there
from Anonymous on 24/04/2018
So easy to use and impressed with how well she trotted round early days but very happy I purchased one
5 srats
from Anonymous on 23/04/2018
Does exactly what it says great training aid
from Anonymous on 23/04/2018
from Anonymous on 09/04/2018
So simple & easy to fit. It’s easy to teach others how to lunge & look out for the correct outline with out the over bend
from Jemma Johns on 09/12/2017
This is so simple to use and is very effective.
Its comfortable for the horse and allows freedom of movement.
My daughters pony responds really well to it.
Great product and quick service and delivery.
Thank you. I definitely recommend it.
from Sam on 11/11/2017
This aid is the best lunging aid Iv every used so much so I have 2 a med and large it doesn't rub and get my horses long and low with out being forced would defiantly recommended it
Really Good
from Anonymous on 02/10/2017
It is a really nice product. Very soft for the horse, but strong and encourages him to work through his back.

Excellent service from Griffin. Product arrived quickly and well packaged.
Good but has a few flaws
from Anonymous on 24/09/2017
This product is good, my horse accepted it very quickly no doubt about it and used his whole body correctly. But I noticed the rope was rubbing his legs on the inside and the rope moved around a bit, i don't know wether thats because I got the wrong size but I followed the size guide so not sure!
from Anonymous on 16/09/2017
I bought this in the largest size for my 16hh 4 year old ISH x ID who sustained a back injury before he came to me and this has been absolutely wonderful in encouraging him to lengthen and work long and low. He doesn't hollow nearly as much and I've only been using it a week or so! Can't wait to see how he progresses.
Great piece of kit, so easy to use!
from Anonymous on 13/09/2017
Just tried this on my 4yo on a windy day when U decided against the heroics of riding. He took straight to it on the longest setting and stretched into the contact long and low as I shortened a few inches. Loads easier to use than the Pessoa. I think this will see a lot of use this winter!
from Anonymous on 09/09/2017
Received a faulty product first but excellent customer service and quickly resolved. Soft, forgiving lunge aid at a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend. Chunky 14Hh pony and L lunge aid fits when shortened to shortest fitting.
from Anonymous on 26/08/2017
By far the best lunge aid I've ever used. My mare has really taken to it. It's not harsh in any way.
I was a bit worried of it rubbing her as she is an ex racer and has a very thin coat but it's so lovely and soft. No rubs at all.
Very happy with how fast it came too.
from Anonymous on 15/08/2017
Very simple, yet effective piece of equipment.
Fantastic service, delivery received within a day or so of placing the order.
Fab lunging aid
from Anonymous on 15/08/2017
Really easy to put on. Horse has started going in a more relaxed way and her head is starting to get lower. Would definitely recommend using this lunging aid.
Love this lunging aid!
from Anonymous on 10/08/2017
Great product!! Very easy and quick to put on. Horse works great in it and there is no force or restriction! Will definitely continue to use it!
from Anonymous on 15/06/2017
Fantastic item!!! So quick and easy to use, but effective. Highly recommended!!!
from Anonymous on 15/06/2017
Really pleased with it. My horse is going very well in it and it's making a huge difference to her training. We are working on a kissing spine issue and this has her working in a very correct way.
So far so good ;)
from Anonymous on 14/06/2017
Very, very soft material. Confused the hell out of my ex trotter racer, standardbred. Brought his head down. Still very early days but saw a change immediately.
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 09/06/2017
This product is an excellent addition to my horses training routine. He took to it straight away, much easier than other tools. Easy to use and fit, takes 2 minutes and your done. Very helpful when pushed for time or the weather is terrible but you need him exercised!
Great addition to my toolkit
from Anonymous on 24/03/2017
Really happy with this simple and effective lunging aid. Nice quality product at a great price.
Really good
from Anonymous on 23/03/2017
Easy to use makes my horse work properly,will definitely recommend it to others
from Anonymous on 22/03/2017
Much better quality than the cheaper version I had been using. Recommended.
from Anonymous on 22/03/2017
It's a fantastic product. Very simple and very effective!
Fantastic quality product
from Anonymous on 20/03/2017
Used this to help build topline on my ever growing 5 year old, excellent quality materials. Bought extra large as guide advised and fits perfectly even adjustable if I want him to work that bit harder. Would highly recommend !
Very good
from Anonymous on 18/03/2017
Gentle aid that immediately encouraged relaxation and lenthening of the top line.
Care and attention needs to be taken with high stepping horses that they don't catch the rope with their leg. The material is nice and soft but still need to monitor that the area across the horses back does not get rubbed.
Overall a very beneficial lunge aid that brings the results it says it does.
from Anonymous on 14/03/2017
Both of my horses work really well. I have a 25yr old TB who is now gaining a lovely topline. They both seem relaxed and happy with being lunged using this aid. Highly recommend
from Anonymous on 07/03/2017
I have not actually used the rope lunge training aid yet that I purchased but know of people who use them and they have all commented how good they are
very pleased
from Anonymous on 09/02/2017
Have not had chance to use the product but loos good qualty and soft.Delvery was very fast and was just what was wanted.
from Anonymous on 09/02/2017
Been using just over a week now and seen a improvement in the way she moves.
from Anonymous on 25/01/2017
Helps the horse to understand what it should be doing.simple to use. Has had lots of positive comments from other owners who have observed it being used, or have borrowed it. Really good value for money.
Top class sympathetic aid
from Anonymous on 19/01/2017
I'm usually quite anti lunging aids, however this product has blown me away. It doesn't force the horse into an unnatural 'outline', it sympathetically encourages the horse to lengthen down and around.
from Anonymous on 13/11/2016
My horse works really well using this. Has naturally become softer on the bit & bending nicely
Very promising!
from Anonymous on 08/11/2016
I used the lunging aid for the first time this morning on our 13.1hh Welshie and 14.2hh Connie (I purchased the medium size).

Whilst it is too early to comment on the long term effects I have to say their carriage was fabulous, much more collected than when just using a lunge headcollar but not restricted in any way - just very natural.

An added bonus was my Connie who gets very stressed whilst lunging on the right rein settled into his paces much more quickly and seemed a lot calmer and collected.

Happy to provide more feedback after we have been using for a while.
Very good
from Anonymous on 31/10/2016
from Anonymous on 30/10/2016
Beautifully thick soft rope. Well thought out product. Price is excellent. Comes in a convenient bag to keep it it.

The aid is very essy and quick to put on. I don't have to get the saddle and side reins out and this is easier to put on than a lunging roller and side teins.

On scale of 1 to 10 for lunging skills, i rate myself about 7. I had to experiment a bit to get the adjustment right. Once we established a goid length it is indeed very kind and unrestrictive. Both my mares were long and low far sooner than in side reins. I wouldn't like to use a gadget that is fixed length between legs and in general I dislike gadgets. This lunging aid allows the horse to move in a long and low outline without restriction. The energy still has to be created from behind by the handler in the usual way.

I highly recommend Harry's Lunging Aid
from Anonymous on 21/10/2016
A lovely gentle aid for my young Arab to help him soften to his bit. He lunges very comfortably in it. An essential piece of equipment in your tack box in my book.
Very good product it works very well
from Anonymous on 11/10/2016
10 out of 10
from Anonymous on 06/10/2016
This product works splendid it does exactly what it's ment. Love it
from Anonymous on 29/09/2016
quick and easy to use, does what it says and the ponies like it. good quality. Arrived very fast
from Anonymous on 22/09/2016
So easy to use have used on my horse 4 times and already his shape has started to change , I bought cob size which fits my 14.3 and 16.2 would like one in pony size now
from Anonymous on 19/09/2016
Really simple design that seems to work well to create long and low and stretching outline. Materials appear good quality.
Wish I'd bought sooner.